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SANDALS Sandals come in whole sizes only 5-11. Whole sizes typically accommodate the half size. For example if you wear a Sandbag- gers size 8.5 you would order a size 8. Our approximate sandal foot bed length is listed below with coordinating sizes. SHOES Shoes run generous both in width and length. It is typical that you may wear one half-size smaller than your normal street shoe size. It is also important to know that our golf shoes are designed for no sock to be worn. Shoes are fully lined with a soft moisture-wicking microfiber sock lining so that they are comfortable against your bare feet. Tassel Toe style runs more true to size. Fit Guide Since our shoes run generous we have designed a simple sizer that can be added to our shoes to help reduce shoe volume for narrower feetlower arches. The synthetic fiber sizer can be cut down to size and inserted under the sock liner to eliminate gapping. Please request at time of purchase. This is provided as a courtesy for FREE. It is best to call us directly to discuss the style that would be your best fit. 1-800-659-9607 EST. Narrow fit sizers Since Sandbaggers shoes are fully lined with a soft microfiber material many of our loyal customers choose to wear no sock at all. To maintain shoe freshness sock liners in shoes not sandals may be removed and washed by hand. Please use a gentle detergent and allow your liner time to air dry. Replacements online. Washable sock liners 30 Size 6 9 14 inches 23.5 cm Size 7 9 58 inches 24.45 cm Size 8 10 inches 25.4 cm Size 9 10 14 inches 26.04 cm Size 10 10 58 inches 26.99 cm Size 11 11 inches 27.94 cm sandals ALL STYLES HAVE Built-in Orthotics. Improve balance. Reduce foot fatigue.Improve balance. Reduce foot fatigue. GolfapparelbyBermudaSands liner time to air dry. Replacements online.